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Our Brand

The Story Behind The Brand

It was 1933 when an enterprising migrant developed an idea to peddle his mobile cart along the street of Chinatown to sell his unique and tasty homemade barbecued meat. Business was especially brisk during festive seasons for this high quality delicacy. Mr. Teo Swee Ee introduced this traditional cuisine as ‘Bakkwa’.

This marked the birth of Bee Cheng Hiang legacy.

With over 80 years of commitment under our belt, our value remains unchanged. We believe in delivering the finest to our customers and their loved ones and for them to experience enjoyable moments in life through the sharing of our products.


Our Founder

Mr. Teo Swee Ee

From a young lad who continued his father trade for livelihood, Mr. Teo is synonymous with defining key moments in the history of Bee Cheng Hiang. Be it physical strength, dedication to food quality or simply sheer determination that led the bakkwa industry, Mr. Teo is truly inspiring.

During the festive season, Mr. Teo and his family member would gather to recreate bulks and bulks of freshly grilled bakkwa. By tirelessly peddling his market stall in Chinatown, Mr. Teo rooted and reinforced the elaborate association of Bee Cheng Hiang and bakkwa with the Lunar New Year. Today, bakkwa has taken its place as an important role in the festive season.


Our Logo

Bee Cheng Hiang

Taking its inspiration from his passion for calligraphy and divination, the young Mr. Teo carefully selected these three Chinese characters with profound thoughts and meanings appended to the brand name.

Each bold brand mark encompasses a medley of nine calligraphic strokes which signify brand longevity and a representation of the product and trade.

Barbecued to perfection, our tantalizing looking bakkwa will be a feast to both the eyes and stomach.

Besides looking utterly appetizing, our tasty bakkwa simply leaves you yearning for more with its authentic good taste.

What’s good food without accompanying aroma? The distinctive aroma of our bakkwa compliments and accentuates its great taste.

In an effort to establish a contemporary and exclusive presence, a new logo was introduced.

At the same time, it also expresses our commitment to consistently deliver premium products and a service quality that will leave our customers with everlasting impressions.


Our Presence

International presence

Bee Cheng Hiang is more than just a ‘bakkwa’ company. Our Vision is to be Asia’s leading food company: providing quality products and services to the global market. In a world where food safety is of utmost importance, our customers can enjoy our products with a peace of mind. Our bakkwa are made with 100% natural ingredients, without added meat tenderizer, preservatives, artificial flavouring or colouring and MSG. This has remained true since our inception in 1933, and still remains true today.

With more than 370 outlets in 12 territories, we are committed to our mission to be the best at helping people to experience and share enjoyable moments in everyday life.

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